Monday 23rd May 2022
The diseases that Allah afflicts his slaves as end stage organ failure such whether it is heart failure, liver, pulmonary or even renal failure. All the specialists in medicine approved unanimously that there is no cure for the end stage organ failure except through the transplantation of another organs. There are more than 18000 patients suffering from end stage organ failure in need of organ transplant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are our brothers who are dying in intensive care units due to organ failure unless they undergo the organ transplant they need. Donating a single organ saves human life. So, what about saving the lives of 7 helpless patients? These organs can be obtained from an eligible brain dead donor. Brain death is the stage in which the person reaches the point where it is impossible to return back to life again reaching to this result is subject to an accurate medical standard in the diagnosis of a brain dead donor and the returning point is the separation between life and death. Thus, donating organs of the brain dead donors for patients with organ failure is a noble humanitarian work in saving lives and a great reward for the deceased and his family.
Currently the need for organ donors is more than ever before. In Saudi Arabia, more than 15,000 people need to cultivate organ and every year. Thousands of people die while waiting for their planting. But you can help.
The brain death meet all regular death criteria and to make it clear to the people, the word “brain death” typically must not be a source of confusion, it may come to mind that there are types of death, such as brain and heart, etc., . In fact, everyone who dies for any reason will reach to the state of brain death. If the heart stops for a few minutes and cut off the oxygenated blood supply to the brain takes place for a few minutes, irreversible brain damage occurs and brain death is confirmed, although the main cause was cardiac arrest. Brain death is the death of the brain, including the vital centers. The human being is considered dead because being totally dependent on artificial respiration (no matter how long it lasts) has no value, the brain life and blood circulation completely stopped. The main role of medical practitioners and staff in intensive care units is providing clear medical information to the families of the deceased, and after passing the information scientifically to the parents, the issue of organ donation can be addressed and later on discussed separately.
The diagnosis of brain death in Saudi Arabia is one of the most strict protocols in the world, and the diagnosis of brain death is not done to prove that the patient’s condition is futile and hopeless but because It is scientifically agreed that these patients die of irreversible death in life. However, still there are fears of donation in some families. There are several difficulties facing organ donation programs in cases of brain death among those who reject the principle. This may be attributed to religious reasons and beliefs as perceived by the public. There are people who refused for psychological reasons or the family put pressure on them to refuse to donate organs. Therefore, the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation organizes and conducts many media awareness campaigns. We look forward to greater participation from the media sector. Through our website:
The Messenger of Allah, Prophet MOHAMMAD (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “(IF ONE RELIEVES A MUSLIM OF HIS TROUBLES, ALLAH WILL RELIEVE HIS TROUBLES ON THE DAY OF RESURRECTION). The scholars unanimously agreed that donating organs is regarded as an ongoing charity, and that the donor is rewarded with the permission of Allah. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: (WHEN A SON OF ADAM DIES, HIS DEEDS CEASE APART FROM THREE: A RIGHTEOUS CHILD WHO WILL PRAY FOR HIM, KNOWLEDGE FROM WHICH OTHERS MAY BENEFIT AFTER HIM, OR ONGOING CHARITY) All of us know that the body is impermanent and that helping our brethren with end stage organ failure is a noble humanitarian work. They are more deserving of the organs of our dead than the dust, and the Almighty says in the Holy Quran (IF ANYONE SAVED A LIFE, IT WOULD BE AS IF HE SAVED THE LIFE OF ALL MANKIND) . This is true of organ donation after brain death because it can improves quality of life for patients with organ failure
  1. Royal Order No. (1489/), dated 07/05/1410 H granting The King AbdulAziz Medal of the third degree for organ donors of heart ,liver ,kidneys and bone marrow.
  2. The  Royal  Order  No  (195)  of  Date  01/08/1422  H  based  on  the recommendations of the committee formed at the Ministry of Health to study Cases of renal failure and the length of waiting  lists for kidney transplants  within the Kingdom, recommended to increase the incentive given to relatives of deceased donors to  (50,000) Fifty Riyals, which was  approved by the Council of Ministers resolution No.(61)dated09/06/1414H.
  3. Card authorizing discount on Saudi Arabian Airlines tickets by 50% for donors of kidney or part of the liver, and their relatives.
  4. Issuing a card (ID) for organ donors to help them and facilitate their travel and other movements.