Monday 23rd May 2022

Benefits for organ failure patients.

  1. The Royal Order No (70/3158/T) dated 30/3/1416 H based upon the proposal of the Council of Civil Services to grant employees with organ Failure leave  with full  paid salary for their dialysis days (based on  the Medical Report issued by the treating Medical Center).
  2. Approval of HRH the 2ndDeputy Prime Minister and Member of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General ,as well as the Council of Ministers Resolution  No (130) dated 09/04/1417 H to consider the military patient with renal failure as medically unfit for military service and shall be treated in accordance with  Article(15)of the military recruitment system and be paid (70%) of the last salary earned before retirement or on the bais of length of service , whichever is greater, and provided that the Higher Medical Committee   does not recommend for those who are in advanced stage of renal failure and has exhausted (90) days of dialysis leave . Kidney donors will continue their work and be considered fit for military service and in case of deterioration of their health, they shall retire and will be paid (70%) of their last salary.
  3. Saudi Arabian Airlines decision number PD /6/128, dated 11/14/1411 H granting renal failure patients (240) kilogram for free (drugs and solvents) on domestic and international flights that start from the Kingdom only.
  4. Approval of the Ministry of Social Affairs to grant annual financial support to poor renal failure patients, an amount of (5000) Saudi Riyals.
  5. Issuing identity card for patients with kidney failure and other organ failure to help them and facilitate their movements.
  6. Approval of HRH the Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General to grant   patients who got transplanted organs discounted tickets on Saudi Arabian Airlines of (25%) on domestic flights, three tickets annually, for a  period of two years, renewable for a third year only.