Monday 23rd May 2022

Benefits for organ donors.

  1. Royal Order No. (1489/), dated 07/05/1410 H granting The King AbdulAziz Medal of the third degree for organ donors of heart ,liver ,kidneys and bone marrow.
  2. The  Royal  Order  No  (195)  of  Date  01/08/1422  H  based  on  the recommendations of the committee formed at the Ministry of Health to study Cases of renal failure and the length of waiting  lists for kidney transplants  within the Kingdom, recommended to increase the incentive given to relatives of deceased donors to  (50,000) Fifty Riyals, which was  approved by the Council of Ministers resolution No.(61)dated09/06/1414H.
  3. Card authorizing discount on Saudi Arabian Airlines tickets by 50% for donors of kidney or part of the liver, and their relatives.
  4. Issuing a card (ID) for organ donors to help them and facilitate their travel and other movements.